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Kumkumadi Oil- 30 ML


Kumkumadi Oil as mentioned in the Ancient Ayurvedic text of Ashtanga Hrudaya, is an essential beauty treatment for the face meant for 16-22 years princesses to make them beautiful to be queens (as per literature) giving them luminous youthful radiance.



Prepared in small batches with carefully collected ingredients that are organically grown by a group of small farmers at foot of Himalayas, painstakingly transformed into this night elixir making sure only the best of nature in its purest form touches your skin and gives it the beauty & glow worn by goddesses.

A divine fusion of 26 exquisite herbs & oils in goats milk, with saffron exclusively sourced from the wilds of Kashmir to heal all 7 skin layers.

Kumkumadi Oil is an essential night beauty treatment that gets absorbed in your skin quickly and easily within seconds of application. beautiful crimson color and brightens your skin complexion to give long-lasting fairness and youthful radiance.

Prevents:  Dull Skin |  Scars, Acne & Acne Spots | Sun Tan | Dark Circle | Bruises | Blemishes & Hyper Pigmentation |  Wrinkles | Skin Infection

Results: Innate Hydration | Fair, Radiant & Spot Free Skin | Improved Texture  |  Prevents Signs of Ageing



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