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Tejasvani is a sign of hope, a symbol of peace. Peace in the human mind is accepted as the solution to human pain. And that resulted in working backwards, integrating the peace of land, water, botanicals and seeing organic farming as a method of bringing peace to the Universe

It is often asked that what TEJASVANI means and stands for. Tejasvani is not nor it was, the name of neither any individual nor it was decided by bringing in experts to give a name to an entity. Neither it was business, money than or now. It was about accepting the fact that we as humans are a part of the universe and are not the universe in our own self. It is the realization that in the darkest moments the nature has a method to reach out to you and hold your hand to help you out of turmoil caused by your past actions. Most of us are so engrossed in our own self that we refuse to even see the soft helping hand. It was a matter of faith that nature is not in the competition of humans nor in a conflict mode with humans. It’s our human greed that forces stress on the natural

flow of energy and we as humans that doing and adopting the same techniques might be with more force can deliver different results. And unfortunately increased force speeds the disintegration faster. The logo of Tejasvani was an attempt to capture that theme —that the new sun will emerge to create a better universe if peace settles on human hands. The lotus on the human hand signified that peace in nature will have to start with the human hand (signified by the lotus in the human hand) and the rising sun signifies that the peace starting with human intention will bring in a better place for our future generations and us. Thus, the symbol and name Tejasvani reaffirms that faith that peace has no substitute to individual, societies and Universe

Our Vision

Aspiring to build a global community that follows a lifestyle as defined in Ayurvedic principles of wellbeing, we at Tejasvani Organics follow the philosophy of wellbeing as suggested in Ancient Ayurvedic Scripture “Ashtanga Hrudayam” (Dinacharyam) verse number 23 of Chapter 2,  Sutrasthanam.

अवृत्तिव्याधिशोकार्ताननुवर्तेत शक्तित:।आत्मवत्सततं पश्येदपि कीटपिपीलकम्॥२३॥

Those who don’t have any means to earn money, who are suffering from disease and those who are suffering from sorrow and grief should be helped to the best of one’s ability. Even insects and ants should always be treated the same way one would treat oneself.
Our Mission
  • To deliver premium quality health, wellness and food products to our consumers.
  • To introduce a unique and successful business model that is committed to service and integrity, and benefits all; including human, animals & nature
  • To support natural, sustainable, organic, agriculture practices that serve and protect Mother Nature. 
  • To support the livelihood and well-being of small growers and tribal wildcrafters across rural India.
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