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The All Time Favourites of Tejasvani Tribe

100 % Steam Distilled Rosewater made with steam distilled mountain water and Nurjahan Variety of Organically Grown roses at foot of Himalayas


Kumkumadi Oil as mentioned in the Ancient Ayurvedic text of Ashtanga Hrudaya, is an essential beauty treatment for the face meant for 16-22 years princesses to make them beautiful to be queens (as per literature) giving them luminous youthful radiance.

Tejasvani’s Panchpushp water is 100% steam-distilled from mountain spring water and five flowers namely Rose, Lavender, Marigold, Kewra, and Saffron grown organically in the foot of the Himalayas.

Cold Pressed Almond Oil, derived from an organically grown premium harvest of Almonds sourced from Afghanistan.

Pomegranate seeds are pressed to produce Pomegranate Oil, which is known for the numerous benefits it has for skin, hair, and overall health. Used topically in skin care and in massages, Pomegranate Carrier Oil boosts collagen production, enhances skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of scarring, promotes the reversal of skin damage, and leaves lasting moisture without leaving a greasy residue or clogging pores.

Tejasvani’s Geranium water is 100% steam-distilled from mountain water and geranium petals, stems and leaves from organically grown rose geranium at our in-house unit.  It has a sweet floral scent with therapeutic and skin care values.

Jojoba is also known as pignut, deer nut, goat nut, wild hazel. The plant is found in the semiarid regions of Mexico and in the United States. Not only does it thrive in the harsh, desert climates that could kill most living things, but it also produces a nut with many healing properties.

Rosehips are the tiny, reddish-orange, edible, spherical fruits that remain on a Rosebush after Roses have bloomed, lost their petals, and died. Rosehip Carrier Oil is considered to be a “dry oil,” due to its thin consistency, which allows it to be easily absorbed without leaving an oily residue on the skin’s surface. Rosehip Oil has been used largely in medicinal and cosmetic applications, often being regarded as the “Oil of Youth.” Rosehip Carrier Oil is considered to be a “dry oil,” due to its thin consistency, which allows it to be easily absorbed without leaving an oily residue on the skin’s surface. Rosehip Carrier Oil has skin brightening properties that help restore skin’s natural color and tone while lightening any unwanted dark blemishes. Rosehip Oil effectively reduces the appearance of scars, accelerates skin regeneration, facilitates the healing of wounds and burns, and soothes skin dryness and inflammation.

Our Belief System

Aspiring to build a global community that follows a lifestyle as defined in Ayurvedic principles of wellbeing, we at Tejasvani Organics follow the philosophy of wellbeing as suggested in Ancient Ayurvedic Scripture “Ashtanga Hrudayam” (Dinacharyam) verse number 23 of Chapter 2, Sutrasthanam.

अवृत्तिव्याधिशोकार्ताननुवर्तेत शक्तित:।आत्मवत्सततं पश्येदपि कीटपिपीलकम्॥२३॥

Those who don’t have any means to earn money, who are suffering from disease and those who are suffering from sorrow and grief should be helped to the best of one’s ability. Even insects and ants should always be treated the same way one would treat oneself.


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